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Entrepreneurs understand the need for a website.  Today this is where information is located and disseminated.  The internet is the FIRST choice for many people when they are looking for a product or service, and the number is ever increasing.

Then there's Facebook and Twitter!  More and more consumers are identifying the companies they want to hear from.  Consumers are saying explicitly, "it's OK for you to talk to me."  Because of this, business communication has changed. Communication has moved from large, broad media campaigns to short, continuous conversations that build relationships.

Is your website user friendly?  Does it impact and inform your customers?  Does it display in search results? Do you have a Facebook page, but little reason for people to be your fan?  Have you tried Search Engine or Facebook advertising? Did it work for you? Are you collecting customer information but don't know how or how often to use it?  

All of these disciplines are areas where White Roof Interactive can help you improve your marketing effort.  We can help you plan and execute your interactive strategy.

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